How to Give Your Body Confidence a Complete Overhaul

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How to Give Your Body Confidence a Complete Overhaul

People tend to focus on spring cleaning their homes and wardrobes, but there’s another area that also needs a refresh as the weather warms up: your mindset when it comes to body confidence.

No matter what size you are, most women are conditioned by the media to think they need to be “beach ready” in time for summer—which usually means prepping your body to wear a bathing suit and more revealing clothing. For many women, that translates to extra hours in the gym trying to reach an unattainable goal set by someone else, and time spent in dressing rooms trying to find shorts, swimsuits, and dresses they feel comfortable in. Or, more simply, it just makes us feel like we’re not enough, and that can be the worst feeling of all.

While I, too, fell into that trap for a long time, my mindset is very different now. My yearly spring cleaning routine also includes my spring thinking — especially when it comes to my body confidence. As secure as I feel now about the beauty and power my body naturally holds, sometimes those old voices come back, making me doubt everything. Now’s the time to sweep out the thoughts that are dragging you down and lift yourself into positivity again!

To get your mindset back on the right track, I’m returning to the advice that’s helped me most, which I share with others when they hit a rough patch.

If you’re feeling stuck in a rut right now and need a little refresher, here’s my guide to a total body confidence overhaul. Even if just one tip applies to you, that’s enough to help pull you into the positivity zone!



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