The Ultimate Guide to Shopping Online

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The Ultimate Guide to Shopping Online

Since I was a little girl, I always loved the idea of going shopping. But as I’ve gotten older and the appeal of malls has worn off (they’re especially stressful if you have kids with you), I’ve relied more and more on online shopping. Now, I’d say I do about 99 percent of my shopping online – everything from the outfits you see here on Girl With Curves to my beauty products and even groceries!

That being said, shopping for clothes can be a little tricky, since you’re usually going off of photos from the stores’ websites and can’t actually try things on until they arrive. But I assure you, finding great-fitting pieces can be done.

Here are a few tips for finding and choosing clothes that look beautiful on you in real life. And if they don’t? No worries! Online return processes are easier than ever – most online retailers provide a return label, just in case. All you need is a smartphone or computer with an Internet connection, a measuring tape, and a credit card to bill your purchases to.

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